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Im in love with what happens when we listen to the messages of the body. Whether you have twinges in your back, recurring tension in your belly, shortness of breath, or a digestion that won’t do its thing, they can all be signposts to an exquisitely deeper, embodied connection to yourself.

What comes to me again and again in sessions is that we are essentially re-parenting ourselves when we stop and give loving attention and curiosity to our body-talk. When we can slow down (like a good mother or father would) at the tugging of a sore back, (just like it was a small child saying “Mummy, mummy”) and pause long enough to say..

“hey, I hear you.. what’s going on down there? what do you need sweety?” and often the body’s answer is simply

“just hold me/be with me.. don’t try to fix me or change me, love me as I am… be willing to Feel me, and Be with me… and Listen to where I want to take you”

Cause funnily enough, when we do this inner loving mother/father with the body, listening to where the tension or pain wants to take us, we go into new and unexpected places of depth and connection in ourselves. It often wants to point us to a place where we were previously disconnected and running on automatic.

>> Just like kids in a family system, the body is absorbing and communicating to you about the “field”/energy/environment you are living in, and is a mirror for your inner world.

You just gotta listen and be willing to mine the gold.

Cause, Psst.. re-parenting is often the Base, the beginning, the foundation that we can build our power/sexuality/confidence and embodied willingness to take risks upon.