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Sensitivity can be overwhelming, with the shear Amount of feeling, sensation and energy moving through the body, it can cause us to want to run and hide under the doona and wait for that rawness/and no-skin-feeling to pass. It can make us avoid parties, loud dinners out, stimulating crowded places, new people.. the list goes on.

The thing is, your sensitivity (as I’m sure you know) can also be a source of incredibly deep, satisfying and varied experience for you and connectedness for the world around you. Sounds that have emotion, colours that have texture, art that gives you a visceral response that feels as nourishing as a good meal. Sensitivity can give you the skill of empathy and attunement and the ability to feel into the connectivity of the whole.

This, my dear, is a skill and a beauty our world sorely needs.

>> So how do we honour and protect this precious ability to feel a lot and feel deeply? In fact, how do we VALUE the richness that sensitivity brings to the world of those around us?? <<

I specialise in working with sensitive women who are ready to rise. Who have done a lot of emotional, mental and energetic work on themselves and are aware the body and possibly their nervous system is the final piece.

They know they need to LAND.


And Get to work.


They’ve got (exquisite) skills and they’re ready to shine in a way that honours their sensitivity.

>> I am passionate about helping sensitive women feel deeply Safe to be in their bodies and be in the world <<


In my view, sensitivity is like having a highly attuned antenna. Obviously we can surround it with supportive environments and sounds, things that soothe and feel harmonious to that sensitivity (like the feeling of the finest silk, a day in the forest or a beautifully played piece of music). But we can’t Always have soft and lovely things around us. This is where BOUNDARIES and self knowledge comes in.


When we don’t have healthy boundaries, sensitivity can be over-whelming Very fast.

So not only understanding your “I’ve had too-much” signals, but also practicing and embodying a really healthy NO. A strongly placed hand at the edge of your energy. The ability to stand strong in your legs and hips while you claim your right to be in the world in your unique way.

It’s the ability to create healthy boundaries that can Come With You into that crowded place, that party or that meeting with new people. So that, if you Want to engage in the world, and even bring your Gifts to the forefront, you get to Choose to.

Cause my dear, when you have a highly attuned nervous system, >> you really Wanna get to know your sensitive apparatus! Because, actually, when it’s respected by you and honoured with your actions, rather than being a burden, YOUR SENSITIVITY BECOMES A GIFT FOR YOU AND ALL THOSE AROUND YOU.

>> Your sensitivity becomes a wisdom voice. It is able to feel deeper into the energies in a room and speak Truth when others may be avoiding it. It has the ability to Clear space. To bring integrity, because it can’t-not feel stuff!

I want to empower you to LOVE YOUR SENSITIVITY. Because, honey, the world NEEDS IT. And it needs you knowing your edges and asserting your boundaries.. not because the world is bad or wrong, but because you work better when your sensitive apparatus isn’t being crowded by others energy.

>>> So, if you are sensitive and want to feel more empowered to speak your wisdom into your world, it is my joy to support you. <<<