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Sensitive Power

1:1 Mentoring for Sensitive women Ready to Rise 


Transform your Sensitivity into a Gift and Become a Leader in your World 


Do you have a dream? … something you’ve wanted for years, but keep being held back by sensitivity or the effects of trauma? 

And are you dancing between shining like a Goddess and feeling like

the bottom of the heap and like you just cant rise up?  

How would it be to finally feel safe and alive in your body

 and taking action on your dreams in connection with the Divine?


I specialise in working with sensitive women who are ready to rise. Who have done a lot of emotional, mental and energetic work on themselves. They’ve got (exquisite) skills and they’re ready to shine in a way that honours their sensitivity.

Sensitive Power will:


  • Turn your sensitivity from a burden into a gift,  

  • Make your body your delicious friend and ally,

  • Develop trust in the deep instinctive knowing in your body, 

  • Change your focus from pain to pleasure,

  • Help you be more resourced and flexible with life,

  • Become more available as a conduit and voice for Spirit

  • Stand up, step out and share your gifts in the world!


Your sensitivity doesn’t (at all!) have to stop you standing up and leading in an authentic, empowered way.


In fact, we need more sensitive leaders with heart speaking what they know!

The next step is easy.. just book in a Free, 15-30 min call with me to see if I can help you.


It’s true… Sensitivity can be overwhelming

Maybe you can relate to some of these:

Hyper-sensitivity to environments and what might “set you off”,

Reactivity in relationships, feeling overwhelmed often or quickly, and feeling under-resourced and easily swayed by life events.

Suffering from poor sleep or poor digestion, negative self talk, a feeling of disconnection from your natural Self, and a deep frustration at not being able to move forward and create the things you crave in life.

When you add small accumulated traumas or even big ruptures (such as death, abuse or abandonment), being sensitive can be a big thing to carry. 

You may have done all the things to work with your sensitivity  ..

Counselling, meditation, psychologists, retreats, yin yoga, diet changes, energetic healing and still have fear or anxiety reactions that shut you down for weeks, freeze you in place, or set off a torrent of negative self talk and negative self behaviours. 


How it really works



Many of the things you’ve tried don’t work because they overlook the importance of your nervous system, the tendency of a sensitive person to lean towards “freeze” or “flight” responses (and sometimes get stuck there in patterns of fear, frozenness, self-doubt or collapse), or what happens to our ability to follow our dreams when we get stuck in fight, flight or freeze.


Other approaches often don’t address the impact of your early brain programming and attachment patterns, and so miss these crucial keys that can open the particular way you are built to thrive.


And they certainly don’t combine all of this with a soulful focus on the wisdom of your body and spirit to lead you exactly where you want to be. 


When we don’t take these bodily and soulful things into account, it doesn’t matter how much we intellectually understand… the bodily reactions and habituated emotions won’t shift, and true change is hard to anchor down.


BUT, when you combine an understanding of how to resolve stuck emotions, thoughts and beliefs via the brain and body, a way to work with and heal attachment breaks from early life, and a deep trust in the wisdom of the body/soul organism…

Real deep change is possible.

The Sensitive Power Approach turns your sensitivity into a gift in 4 elegant steps: 


1. Befriending your nervous system (fall in love with your animal body and instinctual wisdom)


2. Dealing with the stories held in your body and subconscious (those repeating patterns you wish would go away),


3. Strengthen and grow healthy boundaries (internal and external)


4. Nourish that rich, sensitive place inside and take action from there (connected to the Divine rather than over-riding or pushing with the mind)

So that you can live in touch with your inner nectar, and move from that

resourced and yummy place inside 

“Just WOW. Amanda is a gifted healer and therapist. She masterfully guided me through my body’s sensations to access new levels of awareness and personal power. Amanda is highly intuitive which supported me to transform anger, resentment, frustration and blame. She held a safe container which allowed me to regain my fullness as a woman. I could feel the power of my body wisdom, my heart’s passion and vocal expression that is ready to be shared with the world. I am deeply grateful for Amanda’s presence and skill, and highly recommend her to any person ready to drop away anything limiting them from expanding their radiant selves in the world”.

Naomi Campbell

Speaker and Womens Sexuality Coach

Our Sensitive Power Map

From Overwhelm to Deep Trust and Empowerment

The Stages of Sensitive Power

SAFETY - Befriend the Body

 We get to know (and love) the intelligence of your body-brain system

We treat your body’s cues as a call to your deep animal nature, and as an organic, deeply trustworthy way out of stress or trauma. 



Nervous system tools

Gentle trauma healing and resolution

Self-soothing and resourcing tools you can use anywhere

 Practices for creating a Felt Sense of safety

Creating healthy external boundaries


The body becomes your safe and loved home here on earth

STRENGTH - Train the mind

We get to know the mind and we build and strengthen healthy internal boundaries



Establishing a healthy relationship with the inner judge

Transforming beliefs and thoughts holding you back

Map and understand your early belief programming

Map and work with your attachment patterns to create more security with self and others

The mind becomes an ally in your awakening

CULTIVATION - Connect with Spirit

With attention, prayer and learned trust, we establish a new normal in pleasure and “life is good”



Learning how to let Spirit and curiosity guide you

We affirm & cultivate joy and what feels good.

Establish effective internal and external practices to cultivate healthy-

movement of energy through the body

Step by step systems for creating your dreams without force

We deeply resource your body, heart and mind so you can step INTO your dreams from a relaxed and nourished place

Spirit becomes your guide for your path forward

Before I began my Package with Amanda, I believed that I had all the necessary tools to work with my own Nervous system….. that I could do it alone ! However I’d been experiencing some big challenges in family dynamics, and my tools weren’t shifting anything, and decided to reach out for help.

From the first session to the sixth, I am absolutely awe struck by Amanda and all her professional tools and skills, which felt like a broad brush, encompassing online one to one coaching sessions and in person therapeutic treatment, all held in a beautiful and safe container with deep respect, active listening and unconditional acceptance and love.  
I can honestly say that in 6 weeks my internal sense of myself and my nervous system has dramatically changed. I feel more integrated, have clearer boundaries, can rest more deeply in my own skin and an awakening of aliveness.
I am very much looking forward to the gifts and learnings in the following package. Thank you Amanda with heart felt gratitude”
Michele Bisetto

Shiatsu therapist

“Working with Amanda allowed me to open my body up more to the flow of the divine feminine. Her own ability to connect so easily into her flow gave me the space and permission to experience this part of myself.
Amanda’s natural care and tenderness was so easily felt, and her empathy undoubtedly present in our sessions. It’s very clear to me that Amanda has gone on her journey of self discovery and mastery in what she believes to create a fully enriched life, and experiencing this was a joy to behold in her presence. Of course this also gave myself permission and confidence to know that I too could cultivate these qualities in my own life.
I found Amanda to hold deep, deep presence in our sessions, and the quality to which she could ‘unpack’ what was happening for me moment by moment was incredible.
I believe that to work with Amanda is to give yourself permission, care and unconditional love to meet those parts of yourself, and uncover your true potential as LOVE walking this existence“.


What else is possible with Sensitive Power?? When we have Sensitive Power, we:

  • Choose and distinguish what gets in,
  • Put radical self care first,
  • Have excellent spoken and physical boundaries,
  • Experience embodied trust in your body and a deeper sense of safety,
  • Are familiar with and have access to all aspects of fight/flight/freeze,
  • Are soft and strong,
  • Are kind and loving towards self and attachment relationships,
  • In or moving towards secure attachment,
  • Feel present and inside the alive, animal body,
  • Clear on your value and values – will speak for love,
  • Available for love to speak through you,
  • Serving the world,
  • More connected to the Divine.

Who runs this program? 


Meet Amanda:

Amanda has a passion for bringing the soul more deeply into our lived experience. Her mission is to champion the rise of sensitive leaders who stay in touch with their heart and their instinctual connection to self and the earth. So that we can see our schools, families, workplaces and social structures infused with consciousness, and a replacing of the heart at the centre of things. 

As as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner/trauma therapist, Lead Faculty and coach with the Essence School, bodyworker, dancer, poet, mother and Woman of Big Heart,  Amanda specialises in working with sensitive women and those with developmental or attachment trauma, and is passionate about helping these people feel deeply Safe to be in their bodies and be in the world in an effective way.

And as a sensitive women herself, she is genuinely qualified to help you to rise in your own unique way.


What’s the next step?


1. Find a time on the link below to book in a 15-30min call,

2. If we are a good match and you feel I can help your particular path,

I will send you the enrolment details


3. We book in your first session and begin the magic 🙂 !


“Being coached by Amanda has been absolutely phenomenal and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I found such a deep level of integration and self-love over the course of our sessions. I started off with a deep disconnection from my heart, from a sense of safety and a my ability to be present to my own internal experiences. Over our sessions I have really learned to value myself, and to accept and love all of my different parts and emotions. As a result I am really starting to step into my power and be able to take creative and meaningful actions in the world


Psychology student

“Working with my nervous system with Amanda has given my body a chance to catch up with the world and know that my body is safe, capable and beautiful. Things my body had never known before delving deep into this work. I came to her experiencing strong resistance, deep trauma, executive dysfunction, depression, fear and anxiety and after several weekly sessions, for the first time in my life, I am not drowning whenever something out of my control happens, I am not frowning without a therapist holding my hand every step of the way. My traumatised self feels continually soothed and cumulatively empowered. I have the ability to cope w traumatic crisis, and move beyond learned behaviour from old trauma. Embodied safety, receiving what my body needs: belonging, unconditional love. I am so grateful to Amanda for showing me the path of this work”.
Nawala Nightshade

Herbalist and Essence coach

Amanda has a beautiful calming presence and gift that has guided me to reconnect to my own deep sense of safety and peace. I always finish her sessions feeling grounded, ‘at peace’, and safe in the knowledge that I can reconnect to that feeling any time I choose to.
Rod Tomlinson

“I was drawn to work with Amanda as I have always appreciated her depth of presence and authenticity. Amanda created a space of deep trust and safety and I felt very held and as she guided me through this amazing body of work. It supported me to deepen the positive space that I’m in in my life right now, and allowed me to enter a new level of presence within myself. It also gave me a new understanding of what it means to be present in my body as opposed to presence as a concept in my mind. This really connected with the Vipassana meditation work I have experienced where I still somehow felt I was scannning the body through my mind. Now I have the experience of feeling it in my body, which feels like a whole new level of being. And for this I am very grateful. I fully recommend and give gratitude for the amazing gifts Amanda has to share”.
Bacchi Being,

Masseuse and Dance Teacher

“I came to Amanda during a very low point of my life. I had just left a stressful job and my self-esteem was at an all time low in relation to finding new work and feeling the shock and sadness of a relationship breakup. I always came out of the sessions with Amanda on a high and feeling that “everything is OK” and a lot of my worries were just in my mind, not a reality.
Somatic Experiencing is like nothing I have experienced before, not like talk therapy or hands on therapy like massage or reiki. It has been incredibly life changing for me to be aware of my body’s responses in relation to certain circumstances. This has given me a basis to be more aware of when my body and my being goes to extremes like panic, anxiety, despair or even the “positive” extremes like to be over-excited. Being aware of these body responses helped to take me back to a grounded space.
I continue to be aware of my body’s responses in my day to day life now.” 

“Amanda holds a space that is at once clear, gentle and professional. Her deep seeing and her presence allow for a deep opening and release. Not only are the treatments themselves nourishing but perhaps even more importantly, their effects ripple deep throughout the days and weeks, enabling a gentle transformation.Thank you Amanda!”
Noa Rotem

Theatre & movement artist

“I am in awe about Amandas gift to bring out hidden gems within my bodyself, to help me reconnect with my deep sense of self in the safest, most gentle but effective way. I got such a strong sense of BEING , at home in my body , of loving who i am after the session. Amanda works from a very intuitive and wise place where she shines a light to walk hand in hand with you the path into the unknown of your wise bodyself. What a beautiful adventure ! Find out for yourself !” – 

Melanie Gersbach

“SE is the modality which brought me most actual healing of them all and Amanda Patterson is without doubt one of the most attuned and subtle healers I have received from… Highly recommended get in touch with her and book in“ – Lucy Anna Rhodes, Psychic

How is this Program Delivered?

>> This is program is delivered in a series of 10 x 1:1 Online sessions 

Each session combines nervous system healing (Somatic Experiencing), parts dialogue, Essence coaching and many other tools to support you to thrive. The sessions are taken within a 3-4month period.


>> Meditations, resources and articles are shared online, including:

– How to build secure attachment and healthy relationship; tools and exercises for growing past your edges
– Repatterining your Welcome to the world; Safety and Belonging
– Establishing a competent protector/ an inner ally, 
– Boundaries and working with the super-ego/inner judge 
– How to work with deep vulnerability, 
– Essence building, Creation tools and meditations 
– Exercises for building body resiliency .. videos, tools, practices for calming the nervous system and switching on the vagus nerve with sound and movement.


>> Session are taken weekly or fortnightly.


>> Unlimited Email support,

So you have a hand to hold and a wise ally walking with you in between sessions.



Amanda welcomes you home to your body’s inner home, heart and wisdoms.

She is a true healer and holder of our deepest vulnerabilities.

I thank you Amanda for holding me” – Kylie Shaw Wallace


More about Sensitivity…

Like many sensitive people, you may have grown up with a label that told you you were


And instead of recognising your sensitivity as a gift, you were told:

> your needs for quiet and kindness were excessive or unreasonable,

> you should “toughen up” and fit in,

> if those around you weren’t being effected by relationship dynamics/environmental factors then these things don’t matter or don’t exist,

> that you should be more like other people who can “just go out there and do stuff in the world”,

> that you were weak and of less value because you felt and sensed things so deeply.



A message from Amanda ...

Sensitivity is like having a highly attuned antenna.

Obviously we can surround it with supportive environments and sounds, things that soothe and feel harmonious to that sensitivity … like the feeling of the finest silk, a day in the forest or a beautifully played piece of music. (and that is partly what we learn to do here at Sensitive Power)

But we can’t Always have soft and lovely things around us. This is where BOUNDARIES and self knowledge comes in.

When you have a highly attuned nervous system, >> you really Wanna get to know your sensitive apparatus! Because, actually, when it’s respected by you and honoured with your actions, rather than being a burden, YOUR SENSITIVITY BECOMES A GIFT FOR YOU AND ALL THOSE AROUND YOU.

 Your sensitivity becomes a wisdom voice.

It is able to feel deeper into the energies in a room and speak Truth when others may be avoiding it. It has the ability to Clear space. To bring integrity, because it can’t-not feel stuff!


I want to empower you to LOVE YOUR SENSITIVITY. Because, honey, the world NEEDS IT.

And it needs you knowing your edges and asserting your boundaries.. Not because the world is bad or wrong, but because you work better when your sensitive apparatus isn’t being crowded by others energy and when you have the resources to shine your unique light.


Let me help you fall in love with your sensitivity and step up to lead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do payment plans?

Yes, there are generous payment plans to make this program accessible for most budgets. Please book in your call and Amanda will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Do I need access to the internet to do this program?

You will need a decent net connection for your 1:1 coaching calls, and the ability to download articles, audios, some videos and meditations to your device. Other than that, there is minimal requirement for online participation or access.

Do you also work with men?

Yes I do! This program is aimed at women, but I also work with many men who deeply benefit from this work. If you are a male bodied person and feel drawn to work with me, please do get in touch.

Is this a group program? Will I need to join a facebook group to participate?

This program is highly personalised and there are no online groups or group coaching calls that are part of this program. We will be in touch via email, text or phone and Zoom only.

How much time does this program require per week?

This program will require between 1.5 and 6 hours/week depending on your homeplay practices and your level of engagement. The more you’re able to devote to the suggested practices, the more you will be able to anchor truly deep change in your life. 

Do I need to have experience with embodiment work?

It will help to have some experience with embodiment or inner self-development work. This doesn’t have to be called “somatic” work, it can be a conscious dance class, counselling that also pays attention to the body sysmptoms, chi gung or yoga etc. 
If you have no experience with embodiment practices but feel drawn to the work, please get in touch and have a chat with Amanda to see if she’s a good fit for you.

Got more questions? Easy, email Amanda here and she’ll get back to you soon as she can!